This Time I Won’t Fail

The First 30 days, How My Journey Began

I had been talking with my mom who recently passed away in March of 2019 about my frustrations with dropping weight. I had tried nearly everything and the weight would not budge.

My dad overheard our conversation and offered to buy me a starter kit from an alternative and holistic weight-loss company, the people he works with were using the products to drop weight and reclaim their health.

At this point you’re probably wondering if I am going to try and pitch you something– I get it there is a bad stigma around people who sell and use products from MLM companies BUT I am going to keep this honest and I want to include everything I did to drop the weight.

I got my kit on July 9th,2018 which was filled with a food plan and supplements, I was able to choose between two options Keto and Low Carb. I started with Keto and did that for about 3-4 months and then I transitioned into Low Carb which I am still currently following nearly 12 months later.

I eat 1200-1500 calories every single day of real food, that is what initially drew me to this company. I am not a great dieter, obviously, so I needed something that would allow me to eat fulfilling meals & snacks.

In my first 24 days, I lost a total of 18lbs and nearly the same in inches. I documented this whole journey for my friends/family on social media to hold myself accountable and because honestly I was so excited to finally have something that worked!

In my next blog post I will share the progress I had made 60 days in and some of the recipes/supplement info.

Down 86lbs In 11 Months

Weight-Loss Is A Journey

July 10th, 2018 Stats :248lbs , size 16 jeans , 2 XL shirts , 5’2″ . This was my beginning, a bunch of numbers wrote down in a booklet that made me feel like I was less than worthy of being loved , ugly and a failure. I was physically and emotionally unwell. Weekly migraines and daily headaches, couldn’t sleep, tired all the time , full of aches and pain — the list just goes on and on.

Fast forward for just a minute with me to today, just shy of 11 months: 162lbs , size 9/10 jeans, Medium shirts and still much to my dismay only 5’2″. It would be cool to be a little bit taller, that’s all I am saying. Those stats are pretty awesome don’t get me wrong I am thrilled with the weight-loss BUT overall I just feel healthy and that is so much more. I rarely experience any pain or have a headache, get a full night’s rest nearly every single day of the week and I have a little thing called energy which helps me live my life to the fullest again.

I plan on sharing everything I did to drop the weight in future blog posts over the next few weeks, I charted and took pictures of everything a long the way. My first post will be from July 2018 to Fall of 2018, so here is a sneak peak before/after of that time frame :